Wellcraft 232 Fisherman

Mercury Verado 300W





DAY 1:

- We will meet us in Riumar, Deltebre - CP.43580
- Your House is 1/2 minutes away from the boats.




DAY 2:

-¡Today we being with the fishing trip!


- 6 hours every trip.


In Ebro Delta all the fish it's near to the harbour... ¡Tunas too!




The medium size from the tunas are very nice...

Around 25/30 kgs.




DAY 3:

Second trip.


Here you can see Francisco Miguel Bono withh a very nice tuna catched and quickly released. 





And not only saltwater game...

Almost world records are in Ebro. Here you can see an example with this 2,40 meters long and 100 Kilo Catfish on the spinning rod.

¡Extreme freshwater spinning!

Welcome to the Fresh Jurassic Park





DAY 4:

Third trip.


Right. Stephie Brooksbank with a very nice little tunny on the light tackle with 45 grs sardine jig. 


Little-tunny, TOP10-fish in Ebro Delta.






Activity can be crazy in Ebro delta... the spanish tropic.

This morning:

9 strikes.
7 tunas around 25/35 catched and released.
1 Little-tunny over 15 kgs.
1 missed...






Right. You can see Christian Sotodosos with a very nice little-tunny on the magic Ebro delta.

Crazy school of tunas on top, long cast in the middle and BOOM! 



DAY 5:

Fourth trip.


One of the beautifulest fish in the world. Available too in Ebro Delta from beginning August to end November.


Mahi-Mahi, dorado, Goldmakrele, llampuga Dolphin Fish, etc...





When we find the school of dorados, the action can be crazy.

We can catch from 1/2 pieces to 40/50/60 in one journey. Nice fish for light spinning and flyfishing.






Pure action. 3 rods = 3 mahi-mahi



DAY 6:

Today is your last fishing trip (fifth trip).


We will try it all like every day to find the schools of fish and get the best fishing experiences.


Fishinng, fishing and more fishing.








Chumming it's an other option to try to fish the biggest monsters you have ever seen in Ebro delta. Tunas from 20 to +200 kgs.

¡Crazy sizes!

Blue fin Tuna, Catch and release ALWAYS






Bluefish is one of the most important fish from Ebro Delta.

Very nice fish to try it with light spinning tackle, fly fishing or trolling. Searching Bluefish you can get very nice leerfish too.





The amberjacks are available too in Ebro delta from beginning August to end of November. Light jigging is the best technique to push this fish to the surface.

Very strong fighter!






And of course, bonito (sarda sarda).


A very good fighter in Off-shore game with the light spinning tackle.


The Bonito schools are crazy, very big, very agressive. So, very good for fishing with mini-jigs. 






DAY 7:


You have one day more to walk around the 50 kms sand from the delta, swimming, photography, etc.

Ebro it's the biggest river from Spain. That's why it's so special.








DAY 8:


¡We wish you a very good return to home!

And of course, thank you very much for your trip with www.greenflaketackle.com :-)







OUR HOUSING (model house):




Our homes in Riumar and Deltebre are the most beautiful and comfortable from all the delta.

Here you have an example for a 12 people group with swimming pool, 4-5 rooms, parking, etc.







Relax and nature. This is what you will find in Ebro delta.

A very good place to travel for fishing and relax with friends or family.

Perfect for 2-3 groups or 1-2 groups + family.





In the harbour you will find a fishing shop with all the tackles that a fishermen needs. 

You will find rods, reels, lines, lures, swivels, hooks, nets, clothes... everything. 








YES - Always


YES - If you come out from EEUU


You don't need it to enter in Spain


NO - Only mosquito repellent










Ask about your Wiffi conditions


EEUU (like photo)


Warm and humid


From 18 to 35 ºC


BOOKINGS: info@greenflaketackle.com greenflaketackle@gmail.com / +0034 697 627 420 / +0034 687 674 929. 


Conditions of payment and reservation:

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Here you can see some photos from our work in Ebro delta: 




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